Hi, I’m Sejin 👋️

I’m an interdisciplinary designer passionate about design with ethics, impact, and sustainability.

Explored design principles @Rhode Island School of Design and studied research methodologies @University of Oxford.
Interested in qualitative exploration of human behaviors around design products.

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My Work 

Improving Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Experience

Explore patient-staff interactions in ICU units to suggest various design solutions to improve ICU experience. 

Design Researcher
Research method:
Literature Review, Interview, Survey, Shadowing, Participatory Workshop
Type: Explorative + Descriptive

Student struggle discovery in design critique

Explore student experience in design critique to build a constructive web-based digital engagement platform that enhances the learning efficiency.

Role: Design Researcher, UX Designer
Research method:
Literature Review, Stakeholder Interviews
Exploratory, UX design

Cross Country Comparative Research on Technical Education and Training

Examining the technical excellence in seven country cases to build a strong model of world-class technical education and training in the UK.

Role: Research Assistant
Research method: Literature Review, Stakeholder Interview, Cross-country analysis
Type: Exploratory

Tackling Social Isolation of Older Adults

Exploring the social struggles of older adults and suggesting a feasible solution via intergenerational discussion.

Role: Design Strategist
Research method: Literature Review, Affinity Diagram
Type: Exploratory, UX design (mobile)