Hi, I’m Sejin.

As a passionate design thinker, I strive to create meaningful impact through extensive research and creative strategies. My focus lies in a qualitative approach to understanding human behaviors and fostering inclusivity by amplifying diverse voices within our community.

Featured Works

Evaluating the Technical Excellence of Global TVET System

Academic Research (Evaluative, Explorative, Qualitative)

Understand how other countries develop their technical education workforce to ensure high-quality teaching standards, thus providing a successful educational model for our client to develop their technical programs.

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UX Research (Evaluative, Explorative, Qualitative)

Specifying target consumers with administrative board and researching their needs when purchasing socks. Customer interviews,usability tests on the current website, and brand mood consulting were conducted as research methods.

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Good Design Workshop

Design Workshop

Create a multidisciplinary interacting space where professionals from various fields of design have conversations about what “Good Design” is.

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ICU Experience

UX Research and Design (Generative, Mixed Methods)

Challenge the way medical professionals recognize and identify each patient to explore the way people build trust and understanding in the ICU environment and further suggest different ways to encourage a patient-centered ICU experience.

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