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Type: mobile app design
Project Duration: 8 weeks (01.2022 - 03.2022)
Role: Design Strategist


This is a mobile app dedicated to tackle the social isolation of elders. Our team designed an engaging Q&A platform enabling intergenerational conversations that enhance the social participation of elders and help our communities better understand each other.


Many older adults are socially isolated due to the limited social support.

While the elderly population is rapidly increasing around the globe, the supports for elders are extremely scarce or unavailable which left our elders alone in our communities. What are true needs of elders that our society is currently missing?
Possible Solution

Intergenerational conversations will enhance the independent social participation of elders and improve social awareness on aging.

Our elders want a independent social participation that motivates and excites them to interact. When elders join intergenerational conversations with younger generations, they tend to share their knowledge to help youngers and gain emotional fulfillment and self-satisfaction from it. Furthermore, encouraging intergenerational discussion will help both elders and youngers value each others’ companionship with empathy.

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