mobile app

This project is dedicated to tackling the social inequalities on the topic of aging. For the elders facing challenges from social isolation, our team offers an easy, engaging mobile app experience between young and old as a solution to support elders overcome their social struggles independently.

“How might we create a platform for elders to enhace their social participation in communities through indepedent intergenerational experience?”

Project duration
Jan 2022 - Mar 2022, 1.5 months

My role
Design Strategist, Project Management

Key skills
Concept Ideation
Data Analysis
Empathy forming
Project Management


The elderly population in Korea is rapidly increasing and this phenomenon is expected to expand to the entire world. However, the supports for elders is extremely scarce or unavilable in the current society.


Enhancing elders’ social participation in younger communities will support elders by offering emotional fulfillment and self-satisfaction. Furthermore, encouraging intergenerational discussion will help both elders and youngers value each others’ companionship with empathy.