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Design Concept


How might we create a healthy critique experience with constructive system and motivation? 

Concept Development




Information Architecture

Early Wireframe

Studio Homepage
The primary purpose of the ‘studio’ page is to join critique. This wireframe shows the clear hierarchy of features that guides students to join critique when entering a studio and overviews other sub-categories right under which support users to navigate other features offered on the page quickly.

Critique page
This wireframe clearly shows what the user has to do on this page: listen to the project presentation and give feedback. With a brief description of the project on the top, users give feedback via the three boxes below. The boxes will be designed as sticky notes as it is the most common tool used for providing feedback in critique, making the online feedback platform less foreign and less difficult for users to interact with.

C-collective page (portfolio)
Users showcase their creative works on the C-collective page. This wireframe emphasizes the unique part of this page: users can view creative works based on the field of profession. This wireframe design allows design students to interact with non-designers beyond the critique space and better understand the interdisciplinary aspects of ‘design’ in the real world.

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