User Journey
Dig into more details on how our users act and feel in the critique space by analyzing users' responses in each stage of critique.

Students’ touchpoints appear during and after their presentation in critique.
  • “prefer active conversation with eye contact” = required comfortable feeling in the problem space
  • “lost some sticky notes!” = required systematical structure of critique
  • “wish there are more feedback on...” = better conversation with guest critic


Professors’ touchpoints appear in beginning and after the critique.

“some students need to soften their feedback...” = required comfortable and healthy mood for students to share ideas
  • “I wish there is a next step...” = required motivation in the problem space
  • “get benefited from feedback...” = expand the discussion in critique 

Guest Critic
Guest Critics’ touchpoints appear during and after student presentations in critique.
  • “it is confusing to follow students’ explanation..” = easy access to the project info
  • “wish more time to discuss the project” = expand the discussion in critique
  • “no one contacted.” = expand the discussion after critique