Market Analysis

There are multiple products that share similar functions in the market. By comparing them based on 4 major purposes of critique, it highlights the major features required in our product to better fit in the market. 

Competitive analysis
In-depth analysis on strong competitors revealed in the market quadrant

Top Hat

  • purpose: online learning platform for college students
  • key features: exams, assignments, attendance, discussion

  • strength: easy, systematical in higher education setting
  • weaknesses: less comfortable for active conversation

Facebook (Meta)

  • purpose: communicate with potential and attending students, their parents, and the community
  • key features: post, share images/links, likes, comments

  • strength: comfortable, easy, and better conversation with different people
  • weaknesses: too many features and functions which makes the app less systematical


  • purpose: create a community around the hosts who carry articles and blog posts on various themes
  • key features: comment/react to ideas, post, filters, follow

  • strength: systematical, easy, allow active conversation with different people 
  • weaknesses: difficult to apply in a critique setting but has lots of useful features

What should be the strengths of our product? From analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of existing products, we can think of different functions of our solution that will fulfill our users’ needs while applying the strengths of currently existing products to create a unique and successful experience for design students in critique.

  • Constructive critique space for easy access to project info and feedback 
  • Collective agreement page that allows comfortable discussion environment
  • Open space for external feedback (interactions with non-designers and continue discussion beyond critique)