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Concept Iterations

After usability testing with 6 users on three key tasks, I made a few revisions to have a constructive user experience. Usability testing was looking at three major element: Task completion rate, Time on task, and Satisfaction. Based on the collected data from users’ interaction with the tasks and voice recordings, there were three major changes that could improve information delivery, keeping track of location, and ease of use. 

1. Remove filter and prioritize critique section in course homepage

  • Key function of course hompage is to enter critique
  • Users found it inefficient to navigate
  • To emphasize its functionality and focus, I had to rebuild the information hierarchy of the page.
  • Filter to navigate courses found unnecessary in usability testing

2. When sharing feedback, remove project brief and add hide option

  • Project brief works as a frieldly reminder of brief project information while users giving feedback
  • Users find it distracting and need to be replaced or able to hide when writing feedback
  • Keep the area where users mainly interact simple and clean

3. Remove ‘archive’ feature from side bar

  • Archive feature was taken out and included in the side bar menu to encouage users to revisit feedback more often
  • Archive cannot stand alone as feedback is directly linked to module topic
  • Users find it more comfortable when archive included in course homepage
  • Users suggest to utilize notification to encourage students revisit feedback instead of taking the feature out

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