Re-design the Critique Environment

Web Design

This is a personal project dedicated to academic design space. Despite the increasing influence of design in our society, research and analysis on design education are still lacking. Design critique is weak in its structure and does not provide enough support to prepare design students to enter the design field. To tackle this, I created a website solely designed for critique purposes in design schools. From this effort to learn about the student experience, I hope we can support our future designers with better methods and environments.

“How might we create a systematic structure that enables good management of verbal feedback and allows broad topics of discussion in final reviews?”
Project duration
Apr 2021 - Aug 2021, 5 months

My role
Project Manager, Design Researcher

Key skills
Qualitative Research
Data Analysis
Concept Ideation
Prototyping (UX/UI)
Project Management

Design problem

Critique is a crucial space for design students to gain insights on their work from transferring thoughts with peers and professionals. However, the current critique environment is weak in its structure and needs a better system to support design students to be benefited from the conversation happening in critique.


Create a simple & constructive tool to empower discussion and enable easy management of feedback in design critique.