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Portal for design critique

Type: Web Design
Duration: 4 months (04.2021-07.2021)
Role: solo project

This is a personal project dedicated to academic design space. Despite the increasing influence of design, research and analysis on design education are still lacking. Design critique is weak in its structure and does not provide enough support to prepare students to enter the design fields. To tackle this, I created the ditigal engagement tool solely designed for critique purposes. From this effort to learn about the student experience, I hope we can support our future designers with better methods and environments.


Improve student experience in design critique space to help students better analyze their works and get more
real-world knowledge.

Possible Solution

Offer a digital engagement tool in critique space to create constructive structure. This will support students to analyze their works in interdisciplinary perspectives and get more practical knowledge useful for the adaption in design industry after they graduate.

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