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Final Thoughts

As part of the project for my grad program at Oxford, I dived into the topic of “design critique,” which shows my admiration and passion for improving design education. From a long research phase, I was excited to deliver the research findings into a design product open to various users in the design field.

To overview this practice, the in-depth research process allows precisely differentiate stakeholder groups of the problem space which helped implement features supportive to everyone in the critique space, not only students. Then, the journey map and the sitemap allow me to visualize the feasibility of my design solution. To make sure that the solution will be able to be seen in the market, user testings will be needed as the next step.

The influence of design is expanding in our society. However, design education sometimes fails to keep up with trends and refuses to change its structure and curriculum.  From this project, I wish more creative works from designers are dedicated to the field of design.

© Sejin Hwang