Final Prototype

Thank you Note

For ‘hoobae’ to send appreciation to ‘sunbae’

After listening to all answers, hoobae sends a voice note and/or written note to a ‘sunbae’ to express appreciation. This feature is a key step to strengthen the bond between two users. By sending the ‘Thank you Note’, hoobae and sunbae will automatically become friends.

Memory Box

For ‘sunbae’ to cherish appreciation from ‘hoobae’

Sunbae receives “Thank you Notes” from their hoobaes in Memory Box feature. Through listening to hoobae’s kind words and warm voice recordings, sunbae cherishes new memories with hoobae.

Profile and Friends

Expand the relationship

In user profile, users can access previous activities and friend list. They can look at other users’ profiles and listen to their voice recorded introduction. Friends can also continue asking and answering directly to each other. 


Share your experience with the Gahm community

Daily, our app selects a QnA conversaiton outside of user’s own conversation. The selection is based on user’s interested categories. 


Explore beyond

Weekly inspiration offers additional information on the topics of users’ interests.