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Smart Portion

Speculative Design

December 2019 (4 weeks)

This project is a final project for senior studio called Global Security.
Collaborated with Sandia National Lab, the class was purpose to employ the tools and processes of industrial design to approach complex problems related to global peace and security. For the final project, we randomly chose two global trends and created a story/aritifact/product by connecting these two to imagine our future society.

From my two global trend card Human Augmentation & Globe’s bearing capacity is increasing,
I created a concept of Eco-centric human augmentation in the society of 2050.

Design Prompt

Human Augmentation 

enhancement of human body, including gene editing, prosthetics and exoskeletons.


Our Understanding of the Globe’s Bearing Capacity is Increasing

Earth is morphing into a small planet for the great human species, both ecologically and spatially. Something unexpected discovered to be a new field of globe’s bearing capacity to support rapidly growing population.

Design Idea


We can no longer afford to increase food production through agricultural expansion.
What if we increase food efficiency by altering human body?
We can use our technology in human augmentation to help people balance the food consumption and production.

Design Product

This design idea was illustrated through the concept of campaign that could help us imagine the social condition of the future society 


I’m happy to introduce smart portion campaign!

Since 2045, many governments in the world begin to promote the smart portion campaign which encourages people to start portion control as food scarcity became one of the most critical issue of the society.

Here is our augmentation options!

Why do you want
Smart Portion?

Saving Money!

People not only spend less money on food but also benefited from
tax exemption and health insurance discount. In US government, portion control will be mostly covered in insurance and government support the charity care system with higher budget to support uninsured people to get the surgery as well.

Healthy Life!

Eating less is proved to be healthy for more than 50 years and this is the opportunity to completely change your diet without putting much consistent effort.

Quality Meal!

Smart portion is not just about dealing with food scarcity but it’s about enhancing the quality of food we eat by encouraging people to eat small portioned but diverse flavored food, usually gourmet food in 2020s, in their ordinary meal

 Food Map 2050

The campaign also suggested the new food map to provide dietary scale and guideline for people after the surgery. 18g is the ideal scale of your food to have balanced life.

Application Idea

Apply this idea into more realistic scenario that we encounter in everyday life

APPLICATION 1. Small Portion Restaurant 

“Affordable high quality smart portioned food”

“Enhance the quality of food we enjoy everyday.”

Eating less allows people to enjoy the high quality cuisine food that has intense taste with small amount with cheaper price

APPLICATION 2. Small Portion for Social Media

“Campaign becomes a movement on social media.”

This campaign is supported by many other smart portioners, including celebrities and environmentalists for healthy lifestyle, on social media which is similar to veganism or vegetarianism today.

APPLICATION 3. Small Portion Protest
Some people protest to smart portion campaign for it violeting basic human rights and intensifies social gap

Competitive Eating Protest

“It’s one man’s freedom to decide what to do with his/her own body. Government has no right to threat the basic freedom that a man is born with.”

Ethical issue

“Is poverty a reasonto be forced to enjoy food less?”

© Sejin Hwang