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It was an exciting and valuable experience to look at the inequality of elderly life with design. From our design journey to understand elders and our society, we found that this problem is no longer limited to elderly communities but requires youngers’ understanding and responsibilities to build a strong support structure for elderly people. I hope there are more projects dedicated to the marginalized communities out there, and thanks a lot to my team for supporting me throughout the process.

Next Time

  1. Cultural consideration: ‘Gahm’ means persimmon in Korean. As our studio is based in South Korea, many notions used in the project were East Asia targeted. However, as aging is a global concern, I wish we could develop the entire service more adaptable to world communities.
  2. User Interaction analysis with more testing and improvement: User segmentation allows inviting two distinct user groups into our app experience. If I have more time, I would continue gathering user feedback to better understand how these two users interact which I believe helps improve the entire app experience, especially the Q&A dashboard.

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